White Rose Plantation


Welcome to White Rose Plantation!!

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And this is the view from one end of the 64'x10' front porch. Since my garage got cut off to make more room for this enormous porch, I asked Lee if I could park my car on it. He said sure, and he would build me a ramp.

Yeah, right.

Now the porch has several rocking chairs and a swing for relaxing and enjoying the view.

And notice the haint blue ceiling...To keep the spirits away...


Our kids, immortalized in concrete.

And as of today, February 9, 2004, we have three more weeks to go!!!


This is the master bedroom. The antique rocker in the corner is from Lee's great aunt Nellie. The rocker was made in the 1880's, and still has the original finish. Aunt Nellie's photo is on the mantel.

We have many more family antiques throughout the house, since this house was built to maintain and display our families' heritage.


Gracie's Room. We finally got all of the shelves up for all of her stuffed animals. The quilt on the bed was hand made by my mother. It is embroidered with Precious Moments, and has Gracie's name across the middle.


The hall bath. Christopher & Gracie share it.


Christopher's room. His is actually the most organized room in the house!!


The master bathroom vanity. Lee's side, actually!


We've put a lot of time and thought into the landscaping. I worked on the brick walk, and Lee has done all of the grading, planting, watering, etc. to get the yard looking nice. We still have a long way to go, but at least we have some green!!

The two live oak trees in the foreground were a housewarming gift from our builders, Jim & Maria Arvanitis.


A view of the kitchen. If you look closely, you can see my favorite detail....My pot filler over the stove!!

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Mandy's room and guest room. Stop by for a visit!! We have plenty of room!


Here is another view of the kitchen, including the backsplash that incorporates the decorative tiles around the fireplace. Thanks, Mom & Dad!!